Spring, A Million Seasons, 2013, Custom software, Pigment print, Variable dimensions.

White cherry blossoms in the street, a lady in pink skirts, yellow leaves on sprouts...
Spring is experienced and recorded differently in different time and space.
What is the 'image of Spring'?

This project is an attempt to describe images of four seasons with a million photos each.

A million Flickr photos tagged ‘spring’ are collected, and each photo is turned into one pixel with an average color. The one million pixels from one million photos compose an image of Spring. The images of the rest of the seasons are created the same way.

  • Spring, A Million Seasons (Color averaging process), 2013.

  • Summer, A Million Seasons, 2013.

  • Autumn, A Million Seasons, 2013.

  • Winter, A Million Seasons, 2013.

Image source used for describing the color averaging process :
Flickr photos licensed under the terms of Creative Commons by 2.0.
List of the copyright holders (flickr username) :
Dawn Ellner, Forest Wander, Rares Dutu, Reto Fetz.