Avatar, Portrait, 2013, Face detection algorithm and custom software, Pigment Inkjet Print, Variable dimensions.

'Portrait' is a series of portraits representing the identities of movies.

A custom software detects faces from every 24 frames of each movie, and creates an average face of all found faces. The composite image reflects the centric figure(s) and the visual mood of the movie.

  • Avatar, Portrait (face averaging process), 2013

  • Mission: Impossible, Portrait, 2013.

  • Black Swan, Portrait, 2013.

  • The Matrix, Portrait, 2013.

  • Amélie, Portrait, 2013.

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Portrait, 2013.

  • The Bourne Identity, Portrait, 2013.

  • Oldboy, Portrait, 2013.

  • Taxi Driver, Portrait, 2013.